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Matteo Thun | Matteo Thun & Partners | Milan, Italy
Affixed to the balconies, diamond-latticed wood shields the building from sun and weather.
Art BecomeS LArger thAn LiFe in hugo BoSS’ StrAtegic BuSineSS unit
Set against the lush green forests of Canton Ticino in Coldrerio, Switzerland, the Hugo Boss Industries headquarters embodies transparency and light. With three stories spanning 14,460 square meters, the building features public areas, conference rooms,
a showroom, and offices for over
300 people. A large and sun-filled atrium forms the hub-like center of the spaces, and absorbent wooden walls on two upper stories buffer the various workspaces. The natural effect envelopes you; even upon entry, you are surrounded by verti- cal, mirrored sheets capturing a cascading stream of water.
This clean-lined building of glass, steel, and concrete is softened con- siderably by a large and rounded
. ...............
“Architecture means designing the soul of the place.”
– Matteo Thun, Principal, Matteo Thun & Partners, Milan, Italy . ...............
basket-like form of diamond-latticed larch wood, stretched over its
form like the point of a suspended boomerang. Airy and natural,
it also serves to protect the building from sun and weather. It stands affixed to balconies as a soaring and larger-than-life tribute to
Hugo Boss, symbolically telling the icon’s textile history as it weaves together the story of the building itself.

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