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Matteo Thun | Matteo Thun & Partners | Milan, Italy
The entry features vertical, mirrored sheets, capturing a cascading stream of water.
note thicknesses and objects.
For the interior design, he used custom layer standards to define walls, floors, lighting, electrical elements, ceilings, doors, furniture, and more—and then used classes to define the thickness and proper- ties of the lines. In addition to the technical efficiency of the software, says Thun, “Vectorworks is very helpful for the final graphic result. With Vectorworks, we achieve a final presentation that is also very
technical. Moreover, it immedi- ately makes the proposed styling, materials, and color visible, giving a clear view of the project's mood and style.”
When challenged to explain what inspires him, Thun says, “It’s always the next project.” From a base of beautiful and innovative work
that is itself a testament to longev- ity, it’s the unfinished dream that still beckons.
Profiled firm:
Matteo Thun & Partners Via Appiani 9
20121 Milano
Phone: +39 02 6556911 Fax: +39 02 6570646
Courtesy of Matteo Thun and Klaus Frahm (© Frahm)
Headshot photo:
Courtesy of Francesca Lotti
Original text and publication by:
Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc.

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