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Atsushi Kitagawara
With offices in Tokyo, Japan, and Berlin, Germany, Atsushi Kitagawara has experience in urban planning, landscape design, and furniture design. Transforming his love of poetry, philosophy, music, and the contemporary arts into an architectural style trademark, Kitagawara has become one of Japan’s most prized architects.
One of a kind
NDT - One of a kind
Kitagawara designed the stage set for “One of a Kind”, a modern ballet in three acts performed world wide in 1998, 1999, and 2000. Jiri Kylian,
world-famous choreographer and artistic director of Netherlands Dance Theatre, was commissioned to produce this commemorative work for the 150th anniversary of the Constitution by the Dutch government and invited Kitagawara to design his stage. The work was presented first at The Hague, and then traveled to Opera Garnier in Paris, Lincoln Center in New York, and other venues. It was highly acclaimed throughout the world and received the Bessie Award in 2000.
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01| Atsushi Kitagawara
Photograph by Atsushi Kitagawara Architects Inc.
02| NDT One of a kind Photograph by Futoshi Hoshino
03| 04| 05| Big Palette Fukushima Photograph by Shigeru Ohno
06| Nakamura Keith Haring Collection Art Museum Photograph by Takumi Ota
Big Palette
Big Palette Fukushima
Completed in 1998 and covering 23 000 square meters, the technologically advanced design of the Big Palette Fukushima features a column-free 5 500 square meter multi-purpose exhibition hall and a 1 000 square meter international conference hall that can seat up to 1 000 people, along with space for conference rooms and service facilities.
Named for its iconic roof, the Big Palette Fukushima was created as an oasis reflecting beauty and well-being onto
the busy urban environment of Koriyama, Japan. Kitagawara designed the structure to capture the essence of water, “the incubator of all life.” The building represents “a single body
of water” that hovers over the Koriyama Basin; it’s a fluid and harmonious shape that enhances and embraces the natural body of water. Atsushi Kitagawara won the Architectural Institute of Japan’s top honor award, Japan’s most prestigious architectural award with this building’s design.

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