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South Elevation - Towers B, C, and D
Tower A
Tower B
Tower C
Tower D
ALL Design and Van der Laan Bouma Architekten BV
ALL Design, established in 2011 by the prominent architect Will Alsop, is an interdisciplinary practice working in all scales of design and cultural endeavor. It embraces architecture, product and graphic design, interiors, and landscape.
Van der Laan Bouma Architekten BV has engaged in the construction of housing, medical practices and pharmacies, educational and commercial buildings, and office renovations since its establishment in 1986.
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01| 02| 03| Photographs by Ossip van Duivenbode 04| Will Alsop photograph by ALL Design
05| Jorris Hoste of Van der Laan Bouma Architekten BV photograph by Alex Bijvank
06| 07| Images by Van der Laan Bouma Architecten BV

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