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Holiday Home in
Images by Lischer Partner Architekten, photographs by Roger Frei, Zurich
The clients’ desire was to live in a timber house. However, the challenging geology, the exceptional hillside location, and the existing environment prompted Lischer Partner Architekten Planer to design a solid construction in which the hard shell of the concrete façade encases and protects the soft core of the timber house. This combined use of wood, found in traditional Swiss mountain homes with a modern approach, earned the team the prestigious DETAIL Prize 2012.
The timber construction stands as “a house in a house.” In combination with the concrete shell, it was possible to optimize its load-bearing dimensions as it does not have to resist any shear forces.
The clear cubature anchors the house to the hillside. A bridge leads to an open courtyard with a garage and the entrance to the house. The family rooms, such as the dining and living rooms, are situated on the top floor. Two opposing staircases provide access to the bedrooms on the two lower floors. This feature creates a corridor through the structure, which leads to various rooms that vary in orientation and have different outlooks.

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