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The air-blown concrete fa├žade was executed in Wesen gravel that adopts the reddish color and graininess of the prominent rock face behind the house.
The entire wooden casing, including floors, walls, and the ceiling, is executed in larch wood block panels. The timber can also be seen from outside through the openings and recesses. Fixed glazing framed in larch emphasizes the impressive views of the Lake Lucerne landscape.
Dividing elements and island units, also in larch, were used to separate the main rooms. A structure with a coatroom and the rear side of the kitchen divides the area adjacent to the entrance. The living room is complemented by an element housing the fireplace and a media cabinet. Each bedroom contains an en-suite unit with a built-in clothes closet. As a result, this holiday home assumes the typology of a hotel room, creating a kind of private holiday hotel.
Lischer Partner Architekten Planer AG
Lischer Partner considers architecture as a collective process. Their designs are teamwork, transforming visions into architectural culture, creating spaces with light, material, and color. To complex questions, they find direct answers. Lischer Partner commits itself
with passion to high-quality architecture. Each work process is accompanied accurately and honestly to the objective. Their openness provides surprising solutions, which have won them several awards and publications.
Daniel Lischer, to the left, is the proprietor of Lischer Partner Architekten Planer AG. Nicole Renggli-Frey, to the right, is the project leader.

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