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whether we look to exhibition spaces, displays of collective memories, or representative objects, they are all directly associated with — and reference — the cultures to which they belong. Keeping memories alive is one way to respect and pay tribute to cultures, as well as ensure that memories, knowledge, and history are passed on. This is art as a cultural revelation.
Service buildings, museums, cultural centers, public and private spaces Memory and culture
Meeting points of culture
Places of transfer of culture
Representative areas of each culture
Locations that represent what unites us beyond nationalities and regional diferences
Points where we encounter relections of civilizations that reveal the transformation of minds and ideas
Interconnected cultural concepts
These are ways of expressing respect for past, present, and future generations, with elements of union and reunion. we all have a history and a culture that helps us deine what we are, just as cultural spaces allow us to deine what we want to show the world!
This issue of MODUS news illustrates how diferent countries and diverse cultures and projects address this universal issue, using design and form as a solution of communication to transmit and realize concepts and ideas — through the use of Vectorworks software. In each issue, we ind that the imagination is far from exhausted. Feel part of this world, rich
in diferent cultures, and experience sensations produced by a variety of projected spaces.
Isabel Albuquerque

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