Siegerarbeit von Alexander Drachenberg – Vectorworks Stipendium Architektur
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Museum für Erfurt 1913
Louvre Eingang 1989
Altes Museum Berlin Fridericianum 1930 1779
Kolosseum Rom 80 n. Chr.
Museum für Erfurt Denver Art Museum Alte Pinakothek 1913 2006 München
Glyptothek München 1830
Altes Museum Berlin 1930
Museum für Erfurt 1913
Alte Pinakothek München 1913
Guggenheim New York 1959
Victoria and Albert Museum 1852
Museu de Arte Contem- porânea de Niterói 1996
Transformation 4 Zielfläche 4 Transformation 3 Zielfläche 3 Transformation 2 Zielfläche 2 Transformation 1 Zielfläche 1 Ursprungstypologie
„Anyone who sets out to talk about museums is instantly faced with the task of trying to  gure out just what creature this is. It is a nearly unique peculiarity. A hospital is a hospital. A library is a library. A rose is a rose. But a museum is Colonial Williamsburg, Mrs. Wilkerson‘s Figure Bottle Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Sea Lion Caves, the American Museum of Natural History, the Barton Museum of Whiskey History, the Cloisters, and Noell‘s Art Chimpanzee Farm and Gorilla Show.“
Richard Grove

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