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12 Construction detail 1:20
At the the top of the the walls a a a a concrete ring beam is is directly poured into U-shaped bricks This scheme saves the costs of an an an expensive and time-consuming formwork From an an an architectural point of of view this element allows the the creation of of of a a a a a a a a a a a frieze that elegantly completes the the fa├žade The The asymmetrical two-sided roof roof frame is is is attached to this structure The The roof roof is is is perfect for ventilation and lighting Made of of o local solid wood it offered a a a a a a a a a challenge to to the the the carpenters and allowed them to to develop their technics The talent of of local craftsmen was also put to good use in the the the creation of of the the the various frames The doors as as well as as the the the grid details are strongly inspired by local motifs while recalling elements of the plan 

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