Page 8 - Stipendium, Architektur, Benno Schmitz (D, A)
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membrane 1% roof pitch
structural steel metal sheet 2% roof pitch
155mm steel cantilever arm
1mm vapour barrier
10mm structural steel profil
240mm thermal insulation
150mm composite reinforced concrete 35mm steel hanger
10mm steel profil corbel
thermal insulation glazing HE-M 900
sun protection
24mm powder-coated grid sprinkler system
12,5mm suspended ceilings
35mm flooring
10mm steel bar
55mm floating floor including construction foil 115mm installation layer
40mm footfall sound insulation
150mm composite reinforced concre including concrete core activation 25mm powder-coated metal
1mm vapour barrier
200mm thermal insulation corbel
HE-M 900
5mm permanent elastic joint
150mm steel angle
650mm metal framework with screw to connect the 10mm structural steel

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